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About the Little Things

Prices are set. To keep things simple payments will be made through PayPal or direct deposit. Payments will clear the system before shipment is made. Final price will include shipping & insurance. The Great State of Arizona and the Town of Cottonwood say that I am a business so 9.850% Sales Tax will apply.

About Packing, Shipping & Insurance

Each piece is a special case. My intention is to work out the specifics of shipping with each object. At the moment it seems appropriate to have UPS pack and handle most of it. That way it is professionally packed and there is no question about insurance and appropriate handling. Plus, I am not running around trying to find the right box and padding.

Paintings offer different choices. Titanium pieces can be shipped framed, framed with glass, or unframed. Unframed gives the new owner all the choices locally. Framing is costly and should be in the hands and eyes of the owner. I have used anodized aluminum. The choice will be yours. Titanium must be handled with care and instructions for the framer and the owner will be included.

Overseas and off shore deliveries will also be negotiated individually.

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